Sunday, January 22, 2012

Do Endorsements Really Matter?

Wandering Reveries: Endorsements: What Are They Worth?

After seeing the total lack of effect (well, positive effect, anyway) of Gov. Haley’s, John McCain’s, and a slew of others endorsements for Mitt Romney, and the inability of the significant endorsements of major Christian conservative leaders for Rick Santorum to propel him higher in the polls, I was sitting here tonight wondering how much these kinds of endorsements matter at all. Turns out another blog, Wandering Reveries, looked at this a week ago and preemptively answered my question.
Both CNN and Washington Post have discovered that endorsements do not have much impact on the outcome of the election, i.e., they don’t influence voters choices significantly.
It’s something I’ve said before, but apparently a new survey from Pew has gotten the attention of the media.
Source: zachvaughn

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