Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BarackObama can pretend the Super PAC flip is necessary, but I'm not buying it

My newest reblog/response is to ryking on the issue of Super PACs.
Unfortunately the moral high ground for the Obama campaign on Super PACs has been nullified by their decision to support Priorities USA. Politifact has given him a “Full Flop” on this issue. I know his campaign is saying it’s so they won’t fall behind in funding, but for a campaign that was able to raise over $650 million on it’s own before aid kicked in from the DNC and the new laws were in place, I find that very difficult, borderline impossible, to believe. The reality is the Obama campaign will likely be able to out raise their Republican opponent regardless of whether they give their blessing to a Super PAC or not, but like the Republicans the Super PAC will allow some of their key donors to donate huge amounts relatively secretly, and that’s what they want. The reality is the candidates, especially the President, love to claim to hate these Super PACs, but they really love that it can keep their biggest contributors and potential sources of influence secret. 
If you’re wondering why this donkey looks so outnumbered: here’s everything you need to know about Republican Super PACs and this year’s election.
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